The track to a better, healthier you.

Learn all the basics of Keto and low carb in personalized private group classes.

For a Limited Time Only: $129 $99. We start on: July 13, 2020


    Do you sometimes feel like you are locked in a certain path, body, life? Like nothing you do seems to get you unstuck ? That no matter how hard you try, you are not making any progress? It’s as if you were trapped on a road with no directions. Well, let us tell you something: You are holding the map that will get you where you want to be.

    We know that you’ve got questions and want real answers. Whether you are seeking to feel happy, energized, and confident or are new to the ketogenic and low carbohydrate diet and want to learn how to make your routine more efficient, FASTTRAKK will get you to your chosen destination.

    Take the FASTTRAKK and reach your goals—however this looks for you. 

    What is FASTTRAKK?

    FASTTRAKK is a comprehensive solution designed to empower you.

     Our approach focuses on teaching you the foundations of the ketogenic and low carbohydrate diet. We also guide you through the lifestyle changes that will help you reach the point where you can sustain your progress in due time.

    Designed by People Like YOU

    The program is the culmination of years of practical approaches by Aimee Owsley and Melissa Johnson, Ketogains Lead Coaches.

    Their methodology marries the Evidence-Based approach of Ketogains, founded by Luis Villaseñor & Tyler Cartwright - International renowned experts in low-carb diets and personal transformations.

    Thousands of persons have already achieved incredible results with the Ketogains protocol.

    Are you ready to join them?

    What Will I Learn During FASTTRAKK?

    • ​How to live a healthy lifestyle
    • ​How to fuel your body for more energy
    • How to feel motivated and change habits
    • How to curb cravings
    • How to make your diet sustainable
    • ​How to reduce your body fat 
    • How to prep and shop for fat loss
    • ​How to manage eating out and in social settings

    What does FASTTRAKK include?

    During three weeks you will attend class, where a team of experts will give you the tools you need to shop, eat, and live to achieve the best version of you. Expect an overview of what good nutrition is, how to balance your macros, step-by-step guides to menu building, lifestyle hacks, support, and community.
    Real time, hands-on professional guidance by transformational experts and KETOGAINS Coaches.

    Access to an incredible support community.
    Live forum discussions where you get real answers to your questions.

    Is FASTTRAKK Right For Me?

    YES IF...

    • You are new to a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet.
    • You have questions and need real answers.
    • You are ready to live your best life.

    NO IF...

    • ​You want a “quick fix” or a “magic solution”.
    • You are not willing to commit yourself to attendance and class participation.
    • ​You are not open to discussion. This program will challenge your habits and lifestyle.
    • ​Your doctor does not recommend a low carb diet /keto for your specific health situation.

    For a Limited Time Only: $129 $99. We start on: July 13, 2020

    How do we know that this program gets results?

    FASTTRAKK is fueled by science and passion for helping others achieve their objectives.
    You will be in the hands of experts. Coaches Aimee and Melissa have multiple fitness and nutrition certifications.
    Your coaches have experienced their own transformations.
    They are walking evidence that the FASTTRAKK will provide the kickstart that you are after!


    "Aimee and Melissa systematically walked me through what I needed to know in a clear and concise manner and then supported me as I learned to Keto on my own. I felt like they genuinely wanted to see me succeed and reach the goals I set for myself. If I could go back in time and change one thing about my weight loss journey is that I should have signed up sooner!!!"

    Amanda B.
    "Aimee and Melissa are the best! Their guidance will set you up for success in this program. I tried others and felt like they were a ripoff, but with these gals I would have gladly paid double and still felt like it was a bargain."

    Debbie W.
    "I used the guidance of this workshop to kickstart my healthy lifestyle! I’m down 44lbs, sleep better and have tons of energy! Melissa and Aimee really helped to explain this way of eating and took out all the guesswork! "

    Laura C.

    Tell Me More About FASTTRAKK

    When you purchase FASTTRAKK you get access to:

    Nutritional Guidance

    Stop Guessing

    Our team of experts will provide you with the nutritional knowledge you need to regain confidence in the kitchen and navigate different social scenarios with ease.

    Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

    Gain access to our simple step-by-step guide on how to weigh, track, and put together meals that meet your macros. You will also get a simple, one day, sample menu to draw inspiration from. Don’t worry about the ingredients. We use real, affordable and delicious food.

    Stop Guessing

     Learning to shop for keto is easier when experts show you the secrets to label reading and bulk cooking. If you are afraid that this lifestyle change will be substantial on your wallet, we’ve got you covered. We will teach you how to keep your ticket low while on keto.

    Access to the FASTTRAKK Community

    Lifestyle changes aren’t easy. They tend to be messy and hard. But don’t worry, you won’t go through them alone.

    With the FASTTRAKK program, you gain access to a community that will live with you through the ups and downs of this transforming track. You know what they say, “If you want to go far, go together.” 

    Comment, share, and discuss your keto path with like minded folk and professional trainers. 

    Real Time Guidance

    Starting a new lifestyle can be overwhelming and intimidating. We know because we’ve been there. Unlike other programs, in the FASTTRAKK you are guided by professional coaches all the way. KETOGAINS Lead Coaches Aimee and Melissa will be there to help you overcome challenges that rise up and cheer every victory!

     Let us walk this new life track with you.

    Our KETOGAINS Experts

    Luis Villaseñor

    • Ketogains Founder
    • International Speaker
    • Personal Trainer

    Tyler Cartwright

    • Ketogains Co-Founder
    • ​ Personal Trainer

    Aimee Owsley

    • Henselman’s Certified Personal Trainer.
    • ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.
    • Co-Founder at Kickstarting Keto. Ketogains FASTTRAKK Co-creator/Coach.
    • Ketogains Bootcamp Coach.
    • ​Mom of 5 who lost over 120 lbs through Keto and gained strength and confidence through weightlifting. Through my journey, I have found purpose in helping others realize their true potential.

    Melissa Johnson

    • Henselman’s Certified Personal Trainer
    • Precisions Nutrition PN1 Nutrition Certified
    • Co-Founder at Kickstarting Keto, Ketogains FASTTRAKK Co-creator/Coach
    • ​Mom of 5 who lost her way but reclaimed her health through Keto and weightlifting. Passionate about helping people find their confidence and joy through a healthy lifestyle.

    Stephanie Harrell

    • Henselman’s Certified Personal Trainer.
    • ​Precision Nutrition PN1 Nutrition Certified.
    • Bulk Meal Plan Designer for add-on service.
    • ​KGBC Coach.
    • ​Owner of M.O.M. for personalized meal plan design service.
    • ​Mother of 4 children who aspires to teach others how to connect nutrition and fitness into their lifelong goals.

    For a Limited Time Only: $129 $99. We start on: July 13, 2020