Frequently Asked Questions


Who is FASTTRAKK for?

Anyone interested in starting or refining their keto path who may feel incredibly overwhelmed by the vast amount of the information available online.

We take the science-backed methods of Ketogains and teach it in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner.

How does FASTTRAKK work?

We meet in a small private online community dedicated to only your class. We present materials daily, which you can review at your convenience, but we do encourage you to check in daily. Information is presented in infographic and/or video format. Discussion is not only welcomed, but encouraged and greatly improves the experience of the group overall.

What is included?

We give you one week of information followed by two weeks of hands on support, guidance, and accountability.

We will teach you all about electrolytes, macros and how to track, log, and count them, which foods are ideal and which aren’t, how to read nutrition labels and apply them to your macros, and a lot more.

When the class is over you will leave with the knowledge necessary to succeed!

Will this program help me lose weight?

For sure, as we will give you the tools you need to understand the diet – putting it all into practice will be the key for your success!

Can I do this?

Of course, you can. In this class, we support, encourage, and guide you every step of the way. Together, nothing is impossible. If there was ever a time to start, it’s now!

Is Keto/low carb bad for me?

No, but in case of doubt consult a trusted healthcare professional.

How is FASTTRAKK different than Bootcamp?

This is nutrition focused with an optional workout program. Our goal is to build a solid nutrition foundation that you are able to grow from in the direction you desire. The Bootcamp program is a fantastic second step. After taking the FASTTRAKK it is much easier to succeed right away because you won’t be overwhelmed by the nutrition aspect of fueling your body properly.

Will I learn about macros?

Yes! We will break macros down into easy-to-understand pieces that are simple to apply.

Do I get to eat unlimited fats?

No, and here’s why: Our protocol is a bit different than traditional Keto. At Ketogains, we believe that if you have fat to lose, limiting your dietary intake of fat promotes fat metabolization from your love handles. While in ketosis, your body uses fat for fuel. If you’re eating more fat than your body needs for energy, why would it tap into your fat stores? We eat in a way that promotes fat loss, not just weight loss.


What happens once the FASTTRAKK classes are over?

After your class is over, you will be invited to join our FASTTRAKK Graduate Community for continued support from others who have taken the course before you. You will also be well-equipped to take the next step in your health and fitness path should you choose to. If so, KETOGAINS Bootcamps are a fantastic next step! 

How much does FASTTRAKK Cost?

FASTRAKK is regularly priced at $129 USD, but for a limited time we are offering it at $99 USD.

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