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  • Shred Fat
  • ​Acquire Knowledge
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Improve your health, your strength and confidence. 
Change your habits, change your life.

Join the 8-week virtual KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP to discover how changing your nutrition and challenging your mental and physical limits can give you the body and confidence you crave.

  • Life-changing, Habits-based Coaching
  • ​Certified Coaches
  • Evidence-Based Guide: Nutrition, Psychology and Training
  • ​Strength Training Program adjustable for all Fitness Levels
  • ​Community Based Support Group
  • ​100% Online, with clients from all over the world






Hear Directly From People Who Have Experienced The KETOGAINS Bootcamp 
 I’m so glad I stumbled on Ketogains while surfing the internet. I have lost 45kg since I started the low carb diet and 5 of these just recently after joining the Ketogains Bootcamp!”
 Tomorrow is the last day of the bootcamp, I have received incredible support and advice in strength training and fat loss, I feel that I am at my best, and now I have the ideal base to build muscle”
  • Evidence-based Program: Our program integrates the latest nutritional and fitness science with a practical approach that will help you get results.
  • Personalized Macros: We optimize your macros  & calories to help you feel satiated, energized and can adhere to a whole food, nutrient dense diet. 
  • Unmatched Support: From our coaching team, who have not only walked the same path as our clients, but are also fully certified personal trainers.
  • ​Community Support: Share your journey with a like-minded group that will help and motivate you!
The KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP PROGRAM is an 8-week comprehensive coaching program that will help improve your body composition, health & habits through a nutrient-dense, whole food diet approach and strength training.
Our program builds on the KETOGAINS® protocol philosophy: 
We believe that when we become mentally and physically stronger, we empower ourselves and become better in all areas of our lives.
 We aim to change your mindset with tools taken from the three KETOGAINS® pillars: Education, Empowerment & Achievement. We want to help you achieve the best version of "you"!
The FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP and what does it include? 

The KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP program is an 8-week, online, group based coaching program where we will empower you with the necessary tools to achieve your body recomposition and health goals via Education (Nutrition, Strength Training, Psychology). 

The program includes:

1 - Fully personalized macronutrient targets that are optimized to help you reach your body recomposition  goals. 
2 - Access to our proprietary client portal, where you can submit and track your progress over time and get weekly feedback and reviews from your Ketogains Coach.
​3 - The KETOGAINS® Protocol Bootcamp Manual - an overly comprehensive collection of our best practices and research on Nutrition, Fitness, The Psychology of Habits, and Training based on the latest science that will serve as your reference guide and companion during the program (It's over 190 pages and growing!).
​4 - An 8-week, training program with periodization for optimal muscle and strength gains.
​5 - Access to the online Bootcamp support group, where you will have access to extra content such as Video Q&As, training form checks, motivation and support, as well as being able to interact with the coaches and other members of the program.

What equipment do I need for the KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP?

The KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP consists of two parts: 
Lifestyle Education (Nutrition, Habits) and Training (Overall Fitness and Strength Training).

To effectively participate in the Lifestyle Education part of the program you will need:

1 - Willingness to commit and follow the KETOGAINS® protocol - basically, adhere to the guidelines.
2 - ​Time to engage on active reading: 15-20 minutes of reading / week.
3 - Access to internet as to be able to download the materials, and an active profile on Facebook for group engagement.

To effectively participate in the Training part of the program you will need:

Level 1

1 - Experience Required: No training experience.
2 - ​Time Required: 3 days per week, 45-60 minutes per day.
3 - ​Equipment Required: Either / or Adjustable dumbbells, Kettlebells, Resistance Bands.

Level 2

1 - Experience Required: 6 months - 1 year of strength training experience.
2 - ​Time Required: 4 days per week; 60-75 minutes per day.
3 - ​Equipment Required: Either / or Adjustable or fixed dumbbells, Kettlebells, a Weightlifting bar; Adjustable bench; Squat rack or Squat stand.

Level 3

1 - Experience Required: at least 1 year or more of consistent training experience.
2 - Time Required: 5 days per week; 75-90 minutes per day.
3 - ​Equipment Required: Access to either / or Fully-equipped home gym, Commercial gym or Crossfit Box.

Is the program only for people who follow a Ketogenic Diet?

Even though the KETOGAINS® Protocol draws it's principles from the Paleo/Primal guidelines, and we recommend our clients to follow the program as it is to achieve optimal results, we also help people with other dietary preferences as long as they get in touch with us so we can discuss and adjust their diet & macros properly.

Can I enroll in the program if I follow a Vegan or Vegetarian diet?

Vegetarian: If you eat at least some eggs and fish, there won't be any issue.

Vegan: this makes a low carb approach and adherence to the program extremely difficult, so preferably get in touch with us via email before enrolling.

​Other dietary preferences: please enquire via email as well.

Is every KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP exactly the same? 

Every KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP experience is unique, as to keep things fresh and engaging.
Each iteration of the program has a different "main theme" as we touch on different topics as well as improve and expand on its content and revise to the latest science.
The training part of the program is totally new and different but coherent and intentional across the entire year: different exercises, different movements, different patterns, but the same goal. 

Do I have to connect at a set time and day to follow the program? 

No, we have clients join from all over the world with different time zones; we also have coaches from all over the world and are basically online 24/7, so we try to communicate back as soon as possible. 

However, everyone trains and follow along at their own pace and availability within the 8 weeks of duration of the program.

How long does the KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP last? 

The KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP lasts for 8 consecutive weeks; it has a set start and ending date. One cannot "pause" Bootcamps and return at a later date where one left off.

How often is there a new KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP? 

We open a new KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP every 8 weeks, with a small break of 2 weeks in Summer and Winter. 

Our 2020 Camp Start Dates are:


Camp Start Dates: 27-Apr-2020
Camp End Dates: 21-Jun-2020

Summer Break (no Bootcamp)

Start Dates: 22-Jun-2020
End Dates: 5-Jul-2020


Camp Start Dates: 6-Jul-2020
Camp End Dates: 30-Aug-2020


Camp Start Dates: 31-Aug-2020
Camp End Dates: 25-Oct-2020


Camp Start Dates: 26-Oct-2020
Camp End Dates: 20-Dec-2020

Winter Break (no Bootcamp)

Start Dates: 21-Dec-2020
End Dates: 3-Jan-2021

How much does the KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP cost?

Please click the button below and you will be taken to our enrollment page, where you can see the price of the KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP.
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