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Become mentally and physically stronger to achieve the best version of you. 


The KETOGAINS® BOOTCAMP PROGRAM is an 8-week comprehensive

coaching program that will help improve your body composition, health

& habits through a nutrient-dense, whole food diet approach and strength training.

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  • Suggested supplement guide with links and explanations
  • A well-structured training program with periodization
  • Access to a private online group for subscribers only
  • ​Lifestyle tips for diet adherence
  • Progress reviews, video form checks, and movement correction.
  • Access to our FULLY CERTIFIED coaches
  • Accountability, encouragement, and motivation to keep pursuing your goals.
  • The KETOGAINS® Protocol Bootcamp Manual– a comprehensive collection of best practices and research on Nutrition, Fitness, The Psychology of Habits, and Training.

Bootcamp vs One-on-One Coaching



Daily group access to coach for quick questions and motivation


Weekly feedback from coaches


Group based training with variation, based on your level


FREE bootcamp handbook with in-depth information about everything you could need.


FREE habit tracking, and progress tracking worksheets


Community-group for accountability and support


$399 for 8 weeks

One-on-One Training


Daily access to your coach via email


Daily feedback from your coach


Individualized training based on you in specific


NO Bootcamp handbook


NO Community-group for accountability and support


$1299 for 8 weeks


Awesome foundation set for me from a nutrition and training standpoint. Excited for more results to come!

Ryan H.

Verified Buyer

As usual, it was amazing. The way the coaches adjusted mid-camp and provided
resources and encouragement to all of us campers to continue making progress in spite of the chaos of COVID-19 was so appreciated. The community means more to me now than ever.

Bethany S.

Verified Buyer

Our coaches are fantastic – not only managing their own pandemic trauma, but seamlessly adjusting to our needs. KG became my lifeline. Switching back to FB has been a key element to my comfort level and participation. The pic shows progress from my 1st BC in July 2019 and the 2nd one was from late in the March camp. I’m genuinely impressed with the progress.

Patty P.

Verified Buyer


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